Obscurum VR

I have been fascinated by time and space since I was a kid. Watching Back to the Future, Alien, just about any space and time travel movie out. I also enjoyed science shows watching Discovery Channel and TLC. You might remember Beakman’s World even further back!

On one of the space shows about black holes, there was a theory proposed that everything that goes into a black hole comes out the other side in a parallel white universe. This image stuck in my mind of space being white with black stars. I don’t know how valid the theory is, but I wanted to encapsulate that feeling into this space.

Obscurum is the center point of that transition riding on the penumbra from darkness to light. Enlightenment, if you will. This is a reflection of how music has enlightened me throughout my life, specifically, the journey minimal, acid, and techno have taken me on. I have mostly lived in places where I was the only person in my area that was into electronic music, especially, techno. It tested everything it means to be an artist, a true artist. To stay true to your vision no matter what the circumstances or consequences are. No matter what the cost is. This journey has taken over 20 years to finally arrive at where we are now. Performing improvised techno on a modular setup, in a VR space.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one into this niche of a niche. There are other artists all over the world making improvised techno on modular setups. Slowly, we are coming together. YouTube seems to be the place where many share their creations. Through YouTube, I have managed to find and be found by many of these artists. We convene on the Obscurum Discord server, discussing music, life, and everything in between. This space is made for us. It is made so we can come together and share out creations with each other.

Obscurum is Quest and Windows compatible on VRChat.


Tried the dome concept with the floor on the bottom. Ended up moving it to the center to fit the space and storyline better.
MVP, with functioning screen, dance floor in the middle, main dome.
Parallel universe concept.